Halo Refuser is the electronic alter-ego of genre-defying producer/keyboardist Asher Fulero - and an anagram of his name (rearrange the letters to see).

With six releases since 2009 and a multitude of singles and compilation appearances on labels from Seattle, NYC, and Oakland, Halo Refuser has established an exciting electronica experience, delivering an all-original dance journey through broken-beat styles and cutting-edge music tech explorations.

Endorsed as both a Moog Artist and a Nord Artist, Fulero uses a litany of modern production techniques to create his sonically rich studio pieces. These become manipulation fodder, re-warped from within Ableton Live (his main performance/production software for 10 years) to deliver a captivatingly danceable DJ-style live set augmented with trippy wireless vocal FX, virtuosic live keyboards and melodica, looping, wireless controller antics, and more. He performs all-original material and related remixes/collaborations, taking the audience on a ride through Midtempo, Dubstep, Trip-hop, IDM, Glitch, Breaks, Downtempo, Psy-dub, and Experimental music, all refracted through the lens of a seasoned studio session keyboardist master.